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Tulipano Midi .

Balls from stripe, full automatic cycle work with oleodynamic technology.


The TULIPANO MIDI machine model produces balls from strip and works in full automatic cycle, electronically controlled in any phase. The oleodynamic technology supplies the necessary stamping strenght in any moment, ensuring the maximum safeness to the operator thanks to the fast stopping.

The tools are supplied with three stamping bases and are fast inserting with cartridge shape, indeed it is possible to change completely the tools in ten minutes. The machine is supplied by fixed safety protections and it’s accesorized with a strip feeder and a recovery group for the strip wasted, a strip-end sensor and an automatic balls ejecting module with piece counter. The touch screen 4.7” colour LCD supplied with the machine, allows the operator to easily set the working parameters.

Technical sheet

Power Supply: 380V 50/60 Hz
Pneumatic: 6 bar
Dimensions: mm 810 x 710 x 1610H
Weight: 30 Kg
Production: Balls various sizes up to 8mm diameter, 0,1,2 holes.
Strip width: 4mm min / 14 mm max
Max speed: 100 palline/min


Tulipano Midi

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