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Strong and superlight, discover the new corean chain.


SPEEDY KORN is the new solution for the production of Super-light corean chain, for small and medium diameters. It’s ideal for gold production, thanks to its strenght and perfect connections it is possible to use strips of 3 hundreds of mm. Available for classic chains designs or rectangular, triangular and half round sections as well and it’s possible to combine strips of different materials or after different superficial finishing, coloring and galvanic treatments. With the special alternate stamping system, SPEEDY KORN is the unique machine in its category that allows you to insert one or more different stamped pieces directly in the chain, during automatic cycle, without the needing of change the die or stop the machine for manual works. Each tool set of SPEEDY KORN is furnished completely mounted in one single assembly with a cartridge-like shape and a fine factory tuning perfectly done, making the tool changing very easy and quick, without the needing of mechanical adjustments or movements programming.

The control with electronic cam installed, gives you a precise step-by-step execution of the working cycle in manual mode and intermediate steps execution for an easy and safe warm starting. SPEEDY KORN is the definitive machine to produce corean chains, classical or specials, opening the doors to personalized models and combinations.

Technical sheet

Power supply:240V 50/60Hz 1P 0.1 1kW
Pneumatic: 6 bar 50l/min
Plate thickness: 00.3 mm min \ 0.30 mm max
Chain diameter:  1.20 mm min \ 5.00 mm max
Speed: 120 bpm
Workable material: Gold, silver, brass, copper, bronze..any league.


Speedy Korn

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