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PAC200 L120

PAC200 L120 .

It is able to bend any material, creating concave or convex folds depending on the pin used.


Il Piegatore PAC2oo L120 by Stil Mec makes the bending of the loaded pieces. It bends any kind of matherial, using a referiment cylinder as a bending shape. Piegatore is simple and versatile in using and allows he user to change the cylinder and the forming belt It is possible to create concave or convex bendings or copying a surface, joining the benefits of manual bending with the strenght and repeatibility of the machine.

Its particular working technic allows to don’t alterate the external surface of piece, making possible the bending also of a finished jewel. Stones, castons, superficial works will be manteined without alterations and damages.

Technical sheet

Power Supply: 400V 3phase
 Pneumatic: max 10 bar 50 l/min
Dimensions: 1680 x 860 x 1300 h
Weight: 400 Kg
Production: Bangles and any kind of radial bendingsStrip thickness : 0.30 mm min / 10 mm max
Strip thickness :30 mm min / 500 mm max


PAC200 L120

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