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Perfect for making single details such as fish hooks and rings, welded or not, of any shape.


The MM70 machines makes fantasy shapes directly from the wire with well know STILMEC system. Could be used all most common types of wires and strip, or diamond cutter or hollow wire. Easy to use and fast on the tool changing, versatile on scope, high production, efficient and reliable. The MM70 is a simple and complete machine all at once.

Designed for who wants to purpose always brand new products to the market with a low investment, also thanks to the optional sets that make other working processes directly on the machine like: definitive welding of each link during bending, straightening the wire for a constant and best quality result, stamping each link with up to four interchangeable stamps, realize bended pieces like “omega clip”. The MM70 is proposed with or without the standing desk for the right ease of working.

Technical sheet

Power supply: 240V 50/60Hz
Pneumatic: 6 bar
Wire diameter: 0.35 mm min / 2.50 mm max
Weight: 30 Kg
Ring diameter: 1.50 mm min / 30 mm max




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