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The easier way to link small particular to chain or to create chain from any material and type of wire, also flat.


The EASY LINK machine from STIL MEC allows you to make welded or closed rings to link together different findings of jewelry, like chains, rings, medal, closers, finals, rubbers etc…Reaching a high quality standard. Easy Link makes the link in the machine directly from the wire, with different shapes and sizes also already treated bringing down manufactory costs and working time.

The STIL MEC technology allows you to use different shapes, only changing the tooling, also you can use wire of different matherials, shapes, sections, sizes. The welder is a special TIG welder with STIL MEC technology inside which allows to obtain robust, uniform and clean weldings, without altering adjacent matherials, thank to special torches using and directly argon gas flushing on the welding point.

Technical sheet

Electric: 110 220 V 50/60 Hz
Pneumatic: 6 bar
Dimensions: 1100 x 300 x 400 h
Weight: 20 Kg
Wire Matherial: Au, Ag, Bronze, brass, steel, diamond, polished, flat.



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