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… since 30 years leader in construction of high quality and reliable machinery and toolings for the goldsmith sector


The STIL MEC company designes, produces and sells machinery, moulds and dies for the jewellery industrial technologies branch. We propose a broad range of special machines for the jewellery factories, fitting all of our customers’ production needs. Our wish is to be protagonist on the jewellery innovation about mechanics and automation branch, facing the problems that daily come out from the evolution and the production’s processes with braveness and dynamism. That’s why we use our experience and skills to make original and custom solutions, using more advanced technologies to create a surplus value to our customer’s business.


Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.


In everything we do as a company, we consistently uphold that our employees are our greatest asset.


At STILMEC, we make safety more than just a part of our job, but the way we live, drive and work


We believe that great quality is the result of commitment and participation by every project team member from builder to owner...