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Designed to be sensitive on stamping adjustments and strong while shearing , strongly reduces tooling consumption thanks to the working system with adjustable pause time.
Quite, this oleodynamic press machine has an innovative system, that allows to make centesimal of millimeter positioning adjustments, through only three working parameters:
· Falling
· Rising
· Pause
Through the touch screen display, the adjustments can be made during working cycle, ensuring to abtain the maximum performace from any stamping tool set. With PRATIKA press machine you are sure to have the right working pressure, position and speed ever.
In the end, the mould changing has never been so quick thanks to the “auto-adaptive” smart function . The PRATIKA press is inspectionable by four sides to have the working zone Always accessible. Complete the machine the Stilmec design standing clamps and the possibility to Mount the accessories .

Power supply: 380V 50/60 Hz / Pneumatic: 6 bar

Dimensions: 660 X 520 X 1006 H

Weight: 550 KG

Production: The hydraulic pressing machine PRATIKA combines the base concepts of stamping and Goldsmith industry requirements.

Working strength: 24 tonns

Piston course: 60 mm